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Is it any wounder why we have war, really?

    Compassion defends logical reasoning and human kind affection for all things' being is what kingdoms, empires and nation are built on. The collective motives of human societies. 
   That collective motivation is based on ideas of right and wrong. Which gives purpose and direction to behavior of mankind. That is purely human nature observing natures law. 
    Consider carefully this mentality..."if I can't have it, neither can you." Is a deliberate attempt to provoke conflict when the very nature of us can not be owned. 

   The purpose of life is to live. Virtue {love} which embraces all existence in agreement with nature is living a life free from possessions. A mind completely obsessed with a single thought, idea, or desire is an unwanted feeling and destructive emotion. 
    There is nothing more cruel and unfair than the thought of love, the idea of love, the desire to love knowing it is needed for life...Making love produces life and not having someone to love you, love your life. 

    Now if you will consider carefully the mentality of man in positions of power "If I can't have it, I just as soon shit on it." First is such a miserable life indeed groveling before authority, lying, stealing and cheating friends. 

   Stepping on backs to get higher and higher wanting more power. Prostituting themselves and losing all the true pleasures of love and the very essence of life...

    Tragically when this virtue is denied, the forces of it destroy. Whether it be man alone or a man representing many. Through out history any man that has been in a place of power, with promise of a more peaceful world, and who has displayed undeniable passion and love for a woman has had his life cut short...

          Is it any wounder why we have war, really?

 My name is kasperay


Listening to a webcast

Right now I am listening to "The League of Extraordinary Minds". The expert panelists are talking about customer relations.How you approach a new prospect and what kind of impression you leave on them.

* An impression *

Is the overall effect of something.

* Impression Formation *

The process of integrating information about a person.

* Impression management *

The process by which people try to control their image.

* Remembering who you are *

Is the very best lasting impression you could ever hope for in these uncertain time.

* Clearly be unique *

in reference to: The League Of Extraordinary Minds Discovery Session #2 (view on Google Sidewiki)

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